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It’s about time that we stand up

Stand up and raise our voices, 

Scream and shout on top of your roofs

Make them hear all your noises. 


It’s about time that we stand up

Stand up against the violence and crime,

Stand for justice and peace we deserve 

No more silent tears to cry and 

No more moments of wasting time. 


It’s about time they hear what we want

Just not when the elections are around,

It won’t take us even a second to re-think

And change our votes, because we aren’t bound. 


If Money can change over the night

that seems to the government fair and right,

Then why can’t laws and rules be changed 

To make women feel safe, while they’re working at night. 


It’s about time to hang those souls 

Who fear no one but commit to Crimes, 

Who are shameless and free to roam 

For whom their direct penalty should be death! 

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