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Between the Hustle and Bustle we live

Moving continuously at a fast pace, 

Racing through to be somewhere

Sometimes just to be in the first place. 

Cars and buses occupy the roads

Leaving not a tiny place to walk, 

Such is the life of living in a city

Busy and loud round the clock. 

The waves hitting around the marine drive stones

Scotching heat through half the year, 

While rains fall and flood the roads

But life in Mumbai never ceases to stop. 

Make your way through the crowded trains

Fight for your rights to grab a seat, 

Such is a life of the general public

Always finding solutions to beat the heat. 

This is the life of a Mumbai local 

Working hard to make a living, 

With expenses rising and touching the skies

Higher are their dreams thriving. 

The city lights twinkling so bright 

A view so mesmerising while soaring above,

A journey of a Mumbai Local 

Is thus incomplete without their famous vada pav. 

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