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Between the valley as we sway 

Music to our ears loudly play, 

Birds outside chirping in happiness

Tis’ the land of peace and selflessness.

Fresh air is surrounding us

As nature unfolds the best it has to offer, 

Curve after curve we drive through 

Waving and smiling to the people outside. 

What can i say about it’s power and magic

And how we get captured within it’s beauty,

All the Dzong’s and Historical monuments

and it’s beautiful Tigers Nest 

Will always hold a special place in hearts

Of travelers who visited the Best. 

Bhutan the Land of Smiles and Happiness

the land of peace and humbleness, 

Bliss and glee and satisfaction 

A country with so much love and outpouring affection. 

As far as you can see are the landscaped cities 

With weather ranging from one to twenties, 

Pollution free and barely populated 

After long travels mesmerising views & monuments sighted. 

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