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Coronavirus ( Covid19)

The Pandemic that changed Everything

And just like that

The world goes silent, 

And human civilisation is homebound. 


The air gets clearer and noise reduced 

Vehicles seem to have halted, 

And life come to a standstill. 


Where the birds chirping hid behind 

All the mess of living race, 

And the chaotic buzzing has tremendously withered, Off the passing days. 


Disputes forgotten and differences kept aside,

Those Fighting each other are now standing besides

To find a remedy to completely eradicate, 

And restore the dying human race. 


Quarantined, Locked Down & Barred them all

Measures taken to prevent it spread; 

Stay Home, Stay Safe & wash your hands

Precautionary measures in our heads fed. 


It will be gone soon enough

To one day be remembered as a lesson for all, 

Let’s take the steps necessary now

Before nations and humanity tend to fall. 


This is just a setback we are facing, 

Soon we will be back to life as we were living. 

A virus so small Has scared us all,

Amidst all this fear We yet stand tall.


Finally there will come the day again

The chaotic life we cannot refrain, 

Living free and thriving then

A new way of living about to begin. 


Stay Positive Stay Strong, 

Let’s face this setback once and for all; 

Never more to see again

Such days where life is nothing but a living hell. 

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