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Her Story

She wore denims all the time


Tied her hair in a bun up and high,


She was short tempered and swore all the while


Wouldn’t get decked up with all the heavy makeup.


She laughed aloud and danced around


She wouldn't wear tight skirts or dresses short,


Just her comfort jeans and favourite t-shirts.


Her heart was in her work


And mind bubbling with creativity,


She always seemed to spread smiles


And positivity.


She jumped in sneakers and converse shoes,


High heels weren't her comfort boots.


Who will marry you? Why don't you Dress like a Girl?


They asked her all the time.


But she didn't care as she was happy and fine.


Why is she defined by what she wears?


Why should she prove her   to the society who don't really care?


She can dress and be how she likes,


Her natural gift by God alone, is the biggest proof


That she is a Female and she doesn't need to prove it at all.

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