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Is The Outbreak, Breaking Us?

China : 81K+ 

Italy : 59K+ 

USA : 35K+ 

Spain : 29K+ 

 and the Numbers go on as the pandemic spreads through countries. 

While India is just entering stage 3 with 400+ cases, the fear is spreading as the numbers continue to increase.

Even though with the increased cases, the graph has begun to go down, as there are recoveries coming through which is a really good sign. Every day we wake up, turn the news channel on, or receive messages stating details about the spread increasing and new cases adding up to existing one’s. 

Now the times have come where we are stuck at our own homes, scared to even step out. Scared by not the terror of cruel people, world war, or any political issues, but innocent man kind. It seems like we’re reliving The Hitler’s Phase in the modern age all over again. We’re not scared of anything else but our own kind, human beings. The fear of being touched by a simple handshake that could possibly spread the transmission of coronavirus. The situation right now has changed one’s way of living, of seeing life, overnight. We have now realised that all that we had, all that we were chasing; work, lifestyle is all just temporary, where as life and family are permanent. We also realised that all the differences we had with other countries, that created such unpleasant environments between the political rulers and citizens were all just temporary too. Now we all stand united as ONE earth, one Kind, helping each other in any way possible to get through this pandemic. It is shocking to see how, this virus has disrupted the living, the cities that worked and stayed awake 24x7 are now come to a complete standstill. The Covid-19 Has thus been declared as an SOS & Global Issue by the World Health Organisation (WHO). We yet don’t know, how long this is going to take to go away, could be days, weeks or even months. But through this we need to be positive, do all it takes to help make the eradication easier, not only for our selves but everyone around us. We need to respect animals even more, because see the facts, they cannot transmit this little yet deadly disease and are freely roaming around while we are the one’s caged. We also need to LIVE, love our life, be grateful for being alive and for waking up each day to see a new day. In times like these we don’t even know if we would live to see another tomorrow. We need to respect even more those who are working on sanitising the places out and about like trains, buses, streets, while we are sitting in the comfort of our houses. They deserve as much appreciation as those doctors, nurses, emergency staff, who are continuously working on the front lines to deal with affected patients. As Citizens now, it is our due Responsibility, to do all that we are asked to do. The Government of India was forced to take the harsh decision of shutting the states down for our own safety, because it is the only way to control the spread. It is time to get real serious about this issue while we are still just within 500 cases and Pause our lives temporarily, if we want to even have a life Tomorrow! 

Let us Pledge ourselves that as responsible citizens of our country, we will adhere by all the rules and regulations put forth by the government for our health & safety. Let us pledge that we will fight together against the spread by staying indoors and carrying out all the preventive measures correctly. And finally, ask yourself this question - Should we let this Outbreak of Pandemic break us too? 


  • Stay Home, Stay Safe, Avoid Unnecessary Contact with other people and Stop the Spread of Coronavirus • 

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