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Let It All Go

It is time for some sunshine

It is time for some rain

It is time for the moonlight

To say that some things just don't change.

It is far from our thoughts

And even far from our imaginations

That everything you ever do

Will rebound and bounce back to you.

All you need is time and a little space

A pinch of fresh breaths

And a stroll along the pave

A warm smile from an unknown stranger

A comforting embrace from a friend

Can relieve all the emotions

A tired mind plays.

Our hands want to touch the fragile

Wounds of our heart

Our tongue wants to speak

All the jumbled words of the head

Our legs want to rise up and walk with

Heads held high

And when you sit along your bedside

Looking at the starry night

You realise that it is the time

For the sun to shine bright, once again.

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