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The City all Love

The City a few Hate, 

A City so Beautiful 

There’s about no Debate. 


The City famous for its fashion

and love spread reaction, 

Where Arc De Triomphe lies tall

Saluting its brave soldier’s fall. 


The iconic symbol can be seen from afar

To get a view of the entire city 

People go towards its top, 

Eiffel Tower Beautiful by day 

And even more gorgeous by the twinkling night lights. 


Cruising by the river through 

Seeing Paris by Night and it’s beautiful View, 

Sparkly lights yellow and white

Bringing out the best the city has to offer.


Travel to Paris The city that creates, 

Be stunned by the sparkles 

While you Fall in love with the art 

exhibited in the Louvre Museum.

So make a wish to visit disneyland, 

a once in a life time opportunity

 when you‘re in Paris. 

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