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Perfectly Flawed and ALIVE

In recent times I’ve come to see many of my known people have begun to embrace their vulnerabilities. They’ve begun to understand that not everyone who is in their life will want the best for them. It warms my heart to see people talk about positive mindsets and genuinely learn from their experiences. You cannot say a person who is just in their 20 hasn’t experienced life yet, and there is so much more to experience. While I agree that life still has much to teach and show that person, we cannot deny that, they have experienced situations that have torn them apart. So when it comes to life experiences as such, age is not a bar at all; because, we all have phases where we are naive and do unquestionable things for people. We put too much trust and invest too much of our best selves into those relations. And as soon as things go downhill we begin to regret, we begin to question our own worth. Truth be told, that’s completely alright. But that shouldn’t be embossed in your mind so much so that you continue to talk yourself down.

Growth is a process, it doesn’t happen over night. You cannot expect to overcome trauma’s, heartbreaks and bad experiences to magically disappear. It takes days, weeks and even months; depending on your own will to let it go and out grow it. One of the most important factors about outgrowing your past experience is taking control. The control you unconsciously placed in the hands of people around you. Take that control and have it to yourself. You control how you feel, you control your actions and most importantly, you control your thoughts. Instead of talking yourself down, talk yourself up. Give yourself pep talks, use positive affirmations and believe that you are worth every breath. Don’t let those who chose to exit your life block the doors of better opportunities. Don’t stop believing and drowning yourself in negativity and self doubt. Nobody is perfect, everybody just pretend.

Don’t aim to be perfect, instead be perfectly flawed and embrace it because that’s what makes you alive. Be vulnerable and take risks, take those chances you’ve been contemplating about with yourself. It doesn’t have to be something drastic or life changing, it can be even a small decision of maybe just smiling and letting go off all that built up pain. If anything, the covid pandemic has showed us that, life is too short to live in “what ifs”. Life is unpredictable and the more you try to control others, the more you loose yourself. Set yourself free, be the version of you that you want. Live life with no regrets, because every decision, good or bad is a journey worth taking. It could either turn into something beautiful or just another lesson learned. At the end, it’s your journey, your story to tell, your life to live. So live it Happily and live every moment, every emotion; happy or sad. And remember, nothing is permanent, not time and definitely not your feelings at a certain moment. So while you’re at it, live it and keep growing, keep moving.


“Life is an unavoidable rollercoaster that we journey through, the only choice we have is to take control of the steering as and when we begin to enter the dark tunnels. We can either decide to enter the tunnel that is long, unending and dark, or a short, quick one that leads us into the light once again”

Shannon Gable
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