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Quarantine Mode ON

Who knew that we, humans could be compared to our electronic devices? Where we can conveniently turn on the aeroplane mode on / off and yet use our gadgets? Who knew that a small deadly virus could be a switch to turn humans off all together just in one Click! Who knew that Work from Home & online education would be the new trend? Who knew that animals one day would be free and we would be caged? Temporary yet Caged! 

As the quarantine mode has been nationally turned on, people have been appreciating the time off. Appreciating the family time more, while some are making use of this time to learn new things and be productive, others are rejuvenating and relaxing, preparing for the hustle to come forth. Even so, humans are most of all appreciating the Freedom, which was always taken for granted. 

Quarantine being turned ON is also a sign, that not everything is permanent, changes can happen; that even the smallest thing can make a huge difference in living. 

But we cannot be like this for long, this appreciation would continue in the after life of lockdown maybe for a month, two months or heck maybe even a year. And after that? We will return to the normal reckless, chaotic hustle of life we call routine. In the midst of this, we ought to remember that; there is still going to be a switch that can once again turn us all “OFF” in just one click! It might not be the same , but it will be something for sure. The after affects of this is going to have a life changing experience of the new normal. As mentioned above, Turning on the Quarantine mode i would compare it to our electronic devices because, even though our routine has been temporarily stopped, life still goes on.

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