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You said you loved me
But you lied,
You said I was your princess
But you didn’t treat me right.
You said you were swoon by my beauty
and that every day you loved waking up to me,
To one day realising you didn’t love me
And turned your back towards me.
You walked out of the house while i sat in tears
You broke my heart and ripped me off all my fears,
You tore me down to the ground I didn’t belong
And just like that disappeared amongst the storm.
It’s been a few years now that you’re gone
And I’ve built myself up and happily moved on,
Blessed with a life I didn’t think I’d ever have
But today I’m living my best like a queen of my own.
I don’t need a man to lift me up,
I don’t need a King or a Castle to live in
I am here standing tall
All set to build my own Dynasty Strong
Yes i am a Queen of My own Kingdom,
Head held high wearing my self earned Diamond crown!

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