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Some Me Time

Can I have some time?

Some time that could be mine.

Some time away from responsibilities

Sometime of tranquillity.


Why don't we take some time off work?

Spend some time with loved ones

Why don't we think of ourselves first?

Bothered about the world and its ruthless thoughts.


And all the masked men and women

That never disclose their true colors

While crashing our expectation of a clear world

An environment of no evil doers.


Can we really take some time?

Off from the cruelties of the society?

Off from their narrow minds

Yet wanting to have a modern living?


And how genuine is the laugh

Of a little baby born anew.

How unaware is the baby

Of the real world it's come into.


And Can I have some time?

Sometime a little while

Few hours that could be mine

Just as the clock struck nine.

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