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Oh you Beautiful land of Gold

Mingling of cultures new and old, 

Welcoming us with colors so bold

So many stories yet untold. 


Respect for art, music and the Thai-western culture

Respect for all sexual beings even transgenders, 

Giving Opportunities without judging them through

Watch their extravagant costumes

and breathtaking performances from a balcony seat view. 


Beaches so crowded yet the fun we have

Speed boats and parasailing out of the world experiences, 

Flying with the winds so swift yet calm

And the Walking street having a lot of unexpected surprises. 


So many colors so bright and loud 

Seasons just two summers and the rainy clouds, 

A Garden so large with sectioned parts

Flowers and dinosaurs and creatures sculpted 

as different forms of art.


Wild animal species and friendly shows to watch

And that’s not it, because the fun never stops, 

Exploring around the Safari world park

You need a whole day or your plan would be a flop. 


With So much love, and dedication they worship

Their God and King and rulers living, 

Buddha temples everywhere,

huge and beautiful structured peaceful monuments.

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