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The Beginning Of 2020


It all began at the almost year end of 2019, when slowly yet steadily we seen the PMC Bank fall apart. With lakhs of rupees being stuck from commoners. Panic and stress surfaced around, people lining up and asking for help from the government to take out their hard earned money saved in the bank. Followed by that, came the protests against the CAA or CAB and NRC, The Citizenship (Amendment) Act/Bill, 2019 (CAA/CAB) that  was passed by the Parliament of India on 11th December and the National Register of citizens (NRC) of India pertaining specifically to the state residents of Assam. These took place until recently at shaheen baugh in Delhi to protest against the ongoing amendment.

The streets in Delhi already filled with residents protesting against the passed act, which also turned into violence leading  to injuries that worsens the situation. Social media, whatsapp chats and groups all flooded with discussions about the topic, where some are against it and some for it. Citizens or rather netizens going back in time with the debate about religion. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, dividing the nation yet once again. Where until now we lived freely with no fear of being abandoned our own rights, even though we have been living in the country since birth. Our ancestors being amongst the initial residents of free India. Yet, we have to prove our existence and procure documents that some might have even been withered away.

The year of 2020 had just begun and we witnessed the most awful situation in Australia, a destruction we never imagined. The Australian Wild Fire that spread across the forested nation killing more than thousands of living creatures, destroyed the forests and habitats of animals and created a total havoc around the globe, especially the country of Australia. Fortunately with prayers and God’s Grace the ambush was put off quickly saving the true devastation of the human and animal lives.

Now all that wasn’t enough for destruction that human’s took nature and challenged God for our existence. The Outbreak of the epidemic Novel Corona Virus (CoV-19) in Wuhan, China which took absolutely no time to spread across and turn into a pandemic world wide threat. Amidst all of this infectious fear that seems to continue and spread, we are spreading the panic and having it seem more dangerous than it is. Spreading from China, to the USA and Europe, off lately India and the small independent nations of Bhutan and Nepal. All kinds of precautions, preventions, do’s and don’t do’s floating around the net.  Messages, videos, causes and cures, some fake and some real, who to believe and who to not?

We humans are so easily manipulated into doing things and believing that fake can be real too. From situations where we predicted there would be a World War III due to the tensions created between various nations, to Now standing United as ONE to find an antidote or vaccine as soon as possible to completely eradicate this Pandemic once and for all. In between all of the war like situations created, this small little yet effective virus took out the caste and religion differences. We have forgotten or kept aside political debates as who which country has the most armed weapons or which country is the strongest.


Now all we can see is a Virus that has to be Killed,

before Human life becomes Extinct!

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