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The END? or This Has to END?

Hello readers, i hope you’re doing well and keeping safe. Today what I’m putting out is just all my observations on the ongoing situations. Being a writer i am supposed to speak up, but i choose what i put out for myself. Because i have always been in some way connected to my content. 

With that said, So a month or two back i thought of writing a something known as “Dear Diary” where i was noting down the month wise transitions of living through the ongoing pandemic. But as i reached mid April, i just Stopped! And why i stopped is because, I’m torn. Even though i might not openly talk about it, i am breaking pondering upon what is going on globally. We are supposed to move forward towards the future, but humans are moving backwards, they’re moving in a direction of darkness. People are being slaughtered in the open in the name of racism, domestic violence behind closed doors, animal abuse, people are being beaten up for standing for what’s right. Since when have the broaden minded people or culture become a slave to unnecessary cruelty? Every day i wakeup and A new hurtful news is flashed in my face. I’m seeing famous personalities talk daily on social media about incidents, a loss of yet another life, another name added to the list of brutal murder, another black life lost. Aren’t black people humans? Aren’t women humans? Heck! Even animals are treated like dirt , how can we expect humans treated well. I don’t recognise this world we’re living in anymore. Numerous people are dying due to this chaotic pandemic, and yet humans are out fighting for something that shouldn’t be even fought for! What is it? Will killing make your country look stronger? Why cannot we all just live in peace. I and many like me, dread for just a Normal life. Something that has been long lost in all this chaos. It’s HeartBreaking. How can one stay positive or even look for a bright future when the present is so dark? Why is greed overpowering basic humanity?i mean c’mon, it’s not just Black lives that matter, all lives matter! I’m at the verge of loosing faith in humans, in believing that any good would happen from here on. I see living in fear of losing your life due to some petty communal dispute becoming the new normal. I see the world transiting way back to time, where even all this advanced technology is of absolute no use. Racism is just the beginning of the end. Even if the world might not end for real, we are at the verge of the world ending any day soon. And all because of Human beings and their Greed to overpower others. And no, it’s not all those who are black are criminals or all those muslims are terrorists. Not all those white folks are right in their actions and not all higher authorities are corrupt. So stop going after the entire crowd and target those who are genuinely at fault, those who have made life a living hell for their entire community! 

So Stop communal disputes, caste discrimination, racism, war for power. Instead, celebrate love, life, all genders equally. Be grateful for all that you’ve got, be grateful for not being infected with covid. Live in respect, peace and harmony. Because if all of this soon doesn’t stop, the end is definitely Near! 

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