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The Question Is...

What and how to go about once this lock down ends? It could be either on the already proposed date, or could be extended too. We have to be mentally prepared for both these situations. Because some day or the other it has to end, and we will have to go back to living our routine lives. But while we prepare to do so, ensure to make adjustments that we learned through this lockdown. Follow the few norms and living patterns and inculcate them on daily basis. The only possible way to avoid what could be the second shockwave of the virus, which in time could affect much more than it did and is doing currently. 

  • Practice social distancing, especially if you’re sick at the slightest or just common cold. 

  • Do not go partying or to large gatherings immediately as the lockdown ends, avoid going to crowded places unnecessarily. Now for a city like Mumbai, our daily commute is a social gathering. I understand we cannot maintain the distance, so do like the Japanese do.

  • Wear the use and throw masks at all times while you travel. It will not only help contain your inbuilt bacterias from spreading but also keep you away from pollution as much as possible. 

  • Go back to our indian patterns of greeting, by joining your hands together and wishing “Namaste” instead of shaking hands. 

  • Use sanitisers as much as possible, especially after you’ve touched some object, after shaking hands or before you’re about to eat. 

  • Avoid touching your face, eyes and always use a handkerchief or sneeze /cough in your elbow not palm of your hands. Cover your mouths. 


And many more such basic points that we are bound to forget once we’re back out drowned in our busy schedules. But we have to remember and follow them as much as possible or we could be affected very badly in large numbers that cannot be contained. Especially for those living in the now high alert wards, or hotspots declared by the government due to the positive cases found, stay even safer and FOLLOW the above points and much more. Keep your interactions at bare minimum and necessary. And remember to always, Spread awareness not Rumours. Along with taking care of ourselves, it is also necessary to look after the earth and nature around us. Take this as our second chance to rectify the mistakes we’ve been doing in terms of environmental damages. Plant more trees, stop littering around, use your own vehicles as less as possible on a daily basis to avoid air and noise pollution. And all the other points the environmentalists have been talking about for years now. It is time to give it a thought and implement it for our own betterment. 


Stay Safe, Stay Alert & Stay Informed

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