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Be The Change You Want To See




• Be inspired to inspire, and inspire only if you truly feel inspired.

• Be a positive and genuine inspiration to those who look up to you, for they seek guidance to proceed with their decisions. 

• Spread vibes that emit true values that you yourself stand by, and not just say it for the world to see.

• Mean what you spread and only then you will Inspire someone.

• Tell your true story, even if it has bumps. Because those speed-breakers are just a passing phase that have brought you to where you are today.

It is easy to be an influencer, but it takes hard-work and true confidence to be someone’s inspiration. 



Mental Health


A term that is ignored by all in today’s face paced world.

Where we are focused on every aspect of our life, but not our mental health.

We don’t know how toxic a little peer pressure in personal or the little pressure at work can get.

Anxiety, depression and stress being commonly thrown around, not understanding how severe these words can be.

Don’t ignore signs that indicate you’re low on energy, mentally as well as physically.

• Take a Break once a while.

• Take a Break from your Hustling life, and go some place close by if you cannot afford a vacation.

• Even if not, Just Take a Break and be Home.

• Take a Break from mediums that rule our lives : The Social Media. Detox your mind once a while and take up a hobby you like to do.

Read a Book, Watch Movies, Binge Watch Netflix. Just Relax.

As Important your Career is, as Important it is to earn a Living, Even most important is having a stable Mental Health. A Positive and Confident Mental Health.

!! If You have a Healthy Mind, You can Earn and Win Everything and Overcome every Hurdle that comes in your way of Success !!



Women Supporting Women


In a man led world it is always difficult for a lady to make her way to higher positions in her career which she most deserves. It gets even troublesome if women stunned with jealousy try to pull her down, stopping her from climbing that ladder.

But we fail to understand that, nothing compares to the power women have if they stand united together, lifting each other up and supporting each other instead of being jealous or egotistic.

Today, even men are supporting women to do better and motivating them to achieve their aspirations and dreams. Then why we as women hold back?

* Women supporting other Women is all we need to build a safe space and a world of equality.

* Women supporting women not only professionally but in their happiness and sorrows as well.

* Be the Women to support other women and in return get support for your drive to achieve your goals.



The Power Of Voices


The power of one’s voice is impeccable, and it can move mountains if required.

We underestimate the power we have at hand and sometimes even misuse it for our own advantage.

Don’t be afraid to use your voice for the right cause, and in the appropriate way.

If you have thoughts, put it out and let it be heard.

Talk about topics that are close to you, that can make a difference in the human world. Topics that are often brushed under the rug because nobody supports them or just topics that are sensitive to touch on.

You as a free individual have the complete rights to use your voice to someone’s utmost help.

To stop those crying and helpless hands, to lift those who need to be lifted.

To be the Change you want to see, all you have to do is Raise your Voice.

Be the voice you Want to Hear!! Voice Your Thoughts!

!! One Voice Raised, is A loud Message Heard and to be thus Looked into with changes to be brought about !!



Ears of The World


In relevance to my previous post, “The Power of Voice” it is very important to also be the Ears.

Listen to those who have nobody to hear their screams, who have nobody to hear them cry.

Be there for those who want to voice their thoughts, for speaking is easy but to listen is the real test.

Listen to the problems that need mindful  solutions.

Listen to those voices that yell for equality and the rights of the laymen.

But most of all, listen to those voices who silently under their breaths protest for their own as well as other’s true rights and freedom. They don’t voice out loud because they think there are no ears to hear them cry.

So be that Ear who not only Listens, but also Acts towards the well-being. Today Tomorrow and Always!

!! Be a Helping Ear in the world of Screaming Voices ready to be Heard and acted Upon !!



Act of Kindness


It has become so difficult to be kind to other people in a society where we have turned against each other. 

Everything individuals do is either because they’re surrounded by Hatred, Jealousy, Greed, Revenge, Personal Vendetta or mostly Professional Competition. 

Now What if, for every bad deed or unkind thing we did, a rock was thrown at us 

And for every small act of kindness we were rewarded with something materialistic that we desired the most? 

Selfish, right. Then every human would turn against the bad and into a good and Kind human. 

So why can’t we just Be Kind anyway? 

Be kind without being greedy or selfish or expecting a reward in return. For every kind deed is eventually paid back in ways unknown to us. 

Be Kind because you Want to, not because you Have to! 

Choose to be kind especially to those who are unkind with you, who look down upon you or people around you. 


!! One Small act of Kindness, Ignites the Flame of Love and Sparks the fumes that can fight Bad, making this world a Better And Kinder place to live in !!

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