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Three 'Out Of Style' bags to avoid

Everyone loves bags, be it purses for ladies or backpacks for men and teens. We love following the trends and jumping on the wagon of what’s new. The love for luxurious bags like Chanel, Gucci, YSL and all the other top brands. But have you ever wondered about the house brand (self-made) bags we own? The bags that we live with for years and often carry them around, although they are out of style and should be avoided at all costs. The ones that at times even costs’ us our peace and sanity. These bags are ugly, old fashioned and make you look bad. So here are the three common bags that we always hold on to maybe because we’re either too comfortable or succumbed to its look, or just afraid of being judged. Bags that are so heavy that you don’t realise its weight until you let it go. 








Out Of Style

The Bag of Regrets

Regretting either the things you’ve done or things you did not do. It’s normal for us to look behind and regret certain decisions, but when we decide to move forward, we should also ensure to leave that baggage in the past. Carrying it forward is only going to stop you from achieving your goals. Carrying it forward only adds to your weight and pushes you down every time that you want to move forward.

The Bag of Pain

One of the heaviest baggage is Pain, no matter what kind. Holding onto the past failures is only going to hurt you more. Leave the failures and take the lessons, leave the pain and move forward. Carrying the baggage of pain is only going to close your doors when you should be opening them wide to opportunities coming your way. Don’t let your past failures and losses define how you want to be in the present and future.

The Bag of Self-Doubt

The most common bag seen amongst people nowadays is the bag of self-doubt. Especially after you’ve failed in the past you begin to doubt yourself and your capabilities even more. Your confidence is crushed and you feel like whatever you will do, is going to be wrong. This bag of self-doubt is the bag that weighs you down completely, not letting you take the chances you deserve. Let go of this bag, let confidence take over. Don’t seek for approvals or validation. Follow the path you want leaving all the weight that’s pulling you backwards.

So Jump on the wagon of trends and pick up bags that are filled with positivity, confidence and strength. That lightens the weight and help you move around looking like a trend-setter. Bags that not only look good but also make you feel more confident and strong.

“ You cannot achieve your full potential if you’ve got a firm grip on these heavy bags weighing you down, so it would be better to let go of”

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